• Australia
  • Melbourne
  • 6 min
  • Colour 4k
  • Supernatural horror


'Pirouette' is about Kate, a stonecutter by trade, who lives in the urban suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. During a regular bargain hunt at local garage sale, she purchases an odd ballerina box.

Upon returning home, Kate finds out that the ballerina figurine has disappeared. That night she wakes up in the middle of the hallway, had she been sleepwalking?

Or did someone drag her there?


Nathaniel is a filmmaker based in the USA and is known for No One Is Comingand Go Backsrc: Twitter

"It's a really difficult task to achieve genuine suspense and originality with a short, but PIROUETTE nailed it!
The sound design is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to see what Peter and Glenn do next!"

- Sally Christie
Sally is a Writer, film critic, co-host of the Australian radio program Primal Screen, and the co-programmer of Cinemanicas.


I will never not want to see horror movies or shorts about creepy boxes with symbols. This really needs to be given a feature length film and giant practical effects budget because this story would be awesome on the big screen! I want more!

Sarah is a writer and podcaster based in the USA and is known for Geeks Who Eat,and Final Girls Feastsrc: Letterboxd


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